CFS is combing decades of research with recently developed breakthroughs in superconductors

Decades of research in fusion science have established the tokamak as the leading approach to confining fusion-grade plasmas with strong magnetic fields. Yet, in the past, even state-of-the art superconducting magnet technology required tokamaks to be enormous to produce net fusion energy.

Recently, a new high temperature superconductor (HTS) has reached industrial maturity: Rare-Earth Barium Copper Oxide (REBCO). CFS is using HTS to build smaller and lower-cost tokamak-based fusion systems.

CFS is producing first-of-its-kind HTS magnets, followed by the world’s first net energy-producing fusion machine, called SPARC. SPARC will pave the way for the first commercially viable fusion power plant, called ARC, and move humanity towards a carbon-free future.


Visualization by Ken Filar, PSFC research affiliate

Visualization by Ken Filar, PSFC research affiliate